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Yoni Steams

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Benefits: Yoni steams are an incredible way to bring balance to your womb space and moon cycles. If you have uncomfortable periods, a yeast infection, or BV, these herbs will bring you relief.

This practice will also help you to connect to and heal your womb space and add more love to your yoni.

How to use: Boil your herbs in a pot with a lid on the stove for about 7-10 minutes. Place your yoni steam herbs and water in a large bowl that you can comfortably sit over. Grab some towels to wrap around you to keep the steam rising to your womb. Sit and allow the herbs to help you release toxins, infections, or stuck emotions for about 10-12 minutes.

Once you are done, we recommend to give the water and herbs back to the earth by dumping outside in the dirt, near trees or flowers once the water is cooled down. 

Herbs Included:

Blue Cornflower Petals - Treats menstrual disorders & yeast infections

Calendula - Reduces any itching, burning, or dryness & relaxes cramps 

Lavender - Anti- inflammatory, Calming

Lemon Balm - Antiviral, relieves itchiness or discomfort

Marshmallow Root - Anti-inflammation & anti-bacterial, moisturizing and lubricating

Plantain Leaf - Repairs internal tissue & organs, Helps rid your body of toxins

Red Rose Petals - Tones vaginal walls, prevents UTI's

Red Raspberry Leafs - Aids in recovery from fibroids, endometriosis and cysts, eases cramping

Rosemary - Balances Bacteria, Increases circulation to reproductive organs, inhibits yeast infections & eliminates toxins

St Johns Wort - Releases signs of tension through the body

Wild Yam Root - Treats dryness, PMS and cramps, increases sexual drive

Yarrow - Regulates periods & treats ovarian cysts


***Please do not use if you have an IUD, are pregnant, have a fever/ open sores, or on your period*** You may use before your period and after to help ease cramps, PMS, exhaustion, or heavy bleeding that are experienced with your moon cycle. 

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