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Sacred Skin w Vitamin C(16oz)

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Physical Benefits: This blend is created to boost your immune system and skin health. The herbs used are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, especially Vitamin C. Use when you have cold or flu symptoms for a natural remedy. 

Spiritual Benefits: This blend will guide you in balancing your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. The medicine has been blessed with Reiki and Binaural beats of 396hz and 528hz to further enhance your healing. 


Reduces swollen glands and fluid-build up
Aids in lymphatic drainage

Packed with antioxidants to boost your immune system
Anti- inflammatory

High in Vitamin C
Boosts immune system 
Good for hair and skin

Lemon Peel:
Loaded with antioxidants & Vitamin C
Adds Flavor 

Orange Peel:
Boosts immune system 
Helps to fight cold and flu
Adds Flavor

Stimulates collagen production
Aids in protecting skin from free-redical damage 

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