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Green Glory Smoking Blend

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Physical Benefits:  Gives you a natural euphoric high,  used as a stimulating aphrodisiac. Puts you in a state of peace and calmness

Spiritual Benefits: This blend will guide you in balancing your Sacral and Heart Chakras. The medicine has been blessed with Reiki and Binual beats of 417hz and 639hz to further enhance your healing. 

How to useUse this blend to create your own rolls and bowls. These herbs are a great replacement for cannabis, cigarettes and vaping. You can also pair the herbs with your cannabis to create an even more enjoyable high. 



Mild euphoria


Increases sexual arousal and sexual stamina



Powerful detox/ cleanse for congested lungs

Soothes inflammation in lungs


Passion Flower

Increases serotonin levels


Red Rose Petals 

Produces a sense of inner peace




Calms the nerves

Optimize blood flow


This herbal blend is made with 100% organic, non gmo, food grade herbs.   ***This product contains no THC/ CBD and is hand-made from 100% organic herbs with no additives***

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