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Grateful Gut Tea

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Benefits: We have created this tea blend to help with any digestion issues/ discomfort. Our blend will also help you to decrease inflammation in your body, for overall better health. Grateful Gut Tea is especially beneficial to those who experience IBS, Leaky Gut, Ulcers, or other inflammatory issues of the gut. 

How to use: Steep tea using a stainless steel infuser for 5-10 mins in hot water, remove herbs and enjoy with honey, agave or lemon. Use once or twice daily for full benefits 

 Herbs Included:

Holy Basil - High in vitamin K, supports healthy digestion and brain function

Marshmallow Root - Protects the gut, soothes inflammation and irritation 

Plantain Leaf - Heals and repairs a damaged gut wall

Spearmint - Relieves upset stomach and bloating 

Yarrow - Relieves indigestion, fights inflammation, and aids in healthy brain function

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Grateful, grateful, grateful!

This blend really helped my digestion and made my tummy feel happy. Can't wait to order more products!