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Female Balance Tincture

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Physical Benefits: This tincture is created to bring balance to your hormones, reproductive system and cycles, and increase overall feminine health and wellness. Use of this tincture will also aid in the shrinking of cysts and fibroids, treating symptoms of PCOS, menopause, PMS and PMDD. Use with shilajit to increase the absorption of this medicine. 

*Do not use if pregnant or on birth control*

Spiritual Benefits: This blend will guide you in balancing your divine feminine energy. The medicine has been blessed with Reiki to further enhance your healing. 

How to Use: Use full dosage of dropper twice daily, morning and night. Add in water, juice, smoothies or tea. 



Increases lubrication and arousal
Reduces stress and inflammation
Treats anxiety and depression
Boosts immune system

Chaste Berry (Vitex):
Regulates your menstrual cycle
Assists in shrinking cysts
Helps to reduce PMS/ PMDD symptoms
Balances your estrogen levels
Eases painful periods

Supports hormone balance
Treats vaginal dryness
Increases libido
Helps to shrink fibroids
Eases menopause symptoms 

Nutrient dense
Helps balance hormones and blood sugar levels
Treats PCOS symptoms 

Raspberry Leaf:
Alleviates cramping and PMS symptoms
A great source of iron
Reduces inflammation
Regulates hormones

Red Clover:
Clears skin
Eases cramps
Improves circulation
Detoxifies the blood
Boosts immune system 

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