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Cool Calm & Collected Tincture

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Physical Benefits: This tincture is created to help soothe your mind and bring peace to your everyday life. The herbs in this blend will aid in calming anxiety & overthinking, ease depression and stabilze mood. This supplement will provide a calming effect to your brain, nerves and body. 

Spiritual Benefits: This blend will guide you in balancing your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The medicine has been blessed with Reiki and Binual beats of 852hz and 963hz to further enhance your healing. 

How to Use: Use full doseage of dropper twice daily, morning and night. Add in water, juice, smoothies or tea. 



Increases seronin, dopamine and noradrenaline
Reduces Symptoms of anxiety
Reduces anxiety
Regulates hormones to reduce mood swings, sadness, and depression
Lemon Balm:
Reduces stress and anxiety
Promotes better sleep
Passion Flower:
Releaxing & calms nerves
Increases dopamine levels

St Johns Wort:
Reduces symptoms of depression
Has a positive effect on the nervous system

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