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Blue Balance Smoking Blend

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Benefits: Brings balance to your mind and mental health, relieves anxiety, stabilizes your mood, eases depression and enhances cognitive function. 

How to use: Use this blend to create your own rolls and bowls. These herbs are a great replacement for cannabis, cigarettes and vaping. You can also pair the herbs with your cannabis to create an even more enjoyable high. 

Herbs Included:

Blue Lotus - Reduces anxiety, brings about calmness & relaxation. This herb work directly to stimulate the dopamine receptors in your brain producing a light, happy, euphoric feeling. 

Calendula - Calming, Adds a hint of citrus flavor

Catnip - Calms anxiety and nervous system. Soothes a troubled mind after a long day

Lemon Balm - Enhances cognitive function and uplifts mood

Mullein - Powerful detox/ cleanse for congested lungs. Soothes inflammation in lungs

Passion Flower - Produces a mild sedating/ calming effect, relieves anxiety

St John's Wort - Aids in balancing mood disorders for an overall more stable mood, eases depression 


This herbal blend is made with 100% organic, non gmo, food grade herbs.   ***This product contains no THC/ CBD and is hand-made from 100% organic herbs with no additives***

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